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CNC machining - Poznan

We specialize in professional CNC machining. Machining is a technology of producing precise parts using a control device equipped with a microcomputer. Many years of experience in the machining industry have allowed us to regularly improve the quality of services. At work, we use modern machines that allow us to accurately produce machine parts. We perform two types of machining: CNC milling and CNC turning, during which we use turning centers and milling centers.


Advantages of CNC machining

The advantages of CNC machining include:

  • efficiency, which is a direct consequence of the fact that computer-controlled machines run much faster than those that are constantly managed by man;
  • incredible speed combined with efficiency, because the machine tools are designed in such a way as to produce as many elements as possible;
  • accuracy, as the use of advanced drives and precise controllers makes the margin of error in the production of parts extremely small, and machine tool manufacturers regularly implement solutions that allow them to achieve higher and higher accuracy;
  • repeatability consisting in the fact that the machine continuously produces elements according to the same pattern, eliminating the risk of error to a minimum;
  • savings resulting from the automation of production enabling the elimination of costs;
  • safety understood as full protection of operators in the form of building a safe working space, installation of windows resistant to mechanical damage, implementation of protective procedures against unauthorized interference in the processing zone.

CNC machining - the present and the future of industrial production. Do not hesitate and use our services.