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Fach-Met from Poznan


Fach-Met is a state-of-the-art company. We combine many years of professional experience with modern technology.

We specialize in offers from our clients in the automatic, pneumatic, optic and maintenance industries, among others. The accuracy and precision of Mazak machinery, commitment of our employees and the use of high-class tools allows us to acquire top quality clear-cut elements. The entire process of creating the pieces is controlled with the use of high quality electronic and legalized measuring tools from companies such as: Mitutoyo, Machr, Bowers. In order to furthermore make sure that the pieces we make are of top quality and up to the clients’ standards, the procedures are supervised by our Quality Control department.

Constant development and our clients’ expectations have pushed us to be able to realize complex projects – including creating, welding, painting and assembling the elements.

We use common solutions as well as the newest technology innovations.