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CNC turning - Poznań

Our offer includes the services of automated CNC turning, which is a type of machining. Turning is very often used in the machining of cylindrical surfaces. CNC machines for turning are also called turning centers or simply CNC lathes. Turning services can be performed on many materials attached to the lathe chuck. These include, for example:

  • aluminum;
  • stainless steel;
  • plastic;
  • copper.

What is CNC turning?

CNC turning involves separating a layer of material from a workpiece with a tool, most often a lathe knife. Turning takes place in such a way that the workpiece rotates and the tool remains stationary in a straight-line sliding motion, which is completely opposite to milling, where the tool rotates and the workpiece is stationary. The lathe tool approaches the workpiece and cuts the chips until the desired shape is obtained.

The lathe must be operated by a human being, but the control of the machine is automatic. The entire process uses a PLC logic controller that must be pre-programmed. Thanks to the automatic control system, it is the controller that starts the individual functions and decides which movement is to be performed by the machine at a given moment. Due to the repeatability of machines adapted in the production process, their moving parts are restored to the initial state, which was approved in the program. The operator only needs to run the program, arm the machine and clamp the material to the holder.

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