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Frezowanie CNC - Poznań

We offer production automation services and CNC milling services, which is one of the most universal methods of machining consisting in separating the material layer from a given object. Thanks to its precision, it allows for the production of an element of any shape. Machines for milling are called CNC milling centers. The versatility of these devices means that they are used for processing a wide variety of materials, such as: aluminum, stainless steels, low-alloy steels, high-alloy steels and carbon steels. Although, like CNC turning, milling is a type of machining, it differs from it in that in this method the rotation is carried out by the tool.


CNC milling operations

There are several CNC milling operations:

  • frontal;
  • cylindrical end face;
  • shoulder;
  • milling of grooves and threads.

Face milling, is the basic operation performed by milling machines. For more precise chip formation, it uses tools with a 45-degree entering angle. In turn, thanks to the frequent use of tools for polygonal or round inserts in this operation, it is possible to positively affect the efficiency and economy of the process. With shoulder milling, which can use many different tools, it is possible to achieve an optimal machining result. On the other hand, profile milling is a type of machining that can only be performed on CNC machines, not conventional devices. In this method, parts are processed on many axes.